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What does the bank connection provide?

The bank connection offers access to 3 months of authentic PDF bank statements directly from the financial institution, along with a SmartyApp-generated month-to-date summary for a comprehensive financial overview.

Does SmartyApp pull a month to date?

Absolutely! SmartyApp leverages bank transaction data and the current account balance to generate an accurate and up-to-date month-to-date statement for your convenience.

Can I embed the application into my website?

Absolutely! We supply an easy-to-use embed code, enabling you to seamlessly integrate the form directly onto your website for a smooth user experience.

Do we have to pay for multiple users/reps?

Not at all! Your company can enjoy the benefit of creating an unlimited number of users or reps under a single subscription, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Can we customize the look and feel of the application?

At the moment, customization options for the colors or overall appearance are not available. However, we continuously work to enhance the platform and may introduce such features in the future.

What constitutes a signed application?

A signed application refers to a completed form that has been electronically signed by the applicant. It may not include bank statements if the applicant hasn't connected their bank or uploaded the documents.

Is the bank connection included in the pricing?

Yes, the bank connection feature is included in the pricing.

How can we ensure the security of our applications?

Security is a top concern in the MCA industry. SmartyApp is owned by Joshua Carcione, who also solely owns the LendSaaS platform. LendSaaS is a trusted MCA origination and servicing platform used by over 100 direct lenders. You can reach out to Josh directly at for further assurance.

Which integrations are available?

Currently, SmartyApp integrates with LendSaaS and Salesforce. Note that the Salesforce integration is only available for Pro plan subscribers.

What support options do you provide?

We currently offer email and chat support for our clients

Do bank statements work flawlessly every time?

Regrettably, bank statements don't work perfectly every time. The success depends on the specific bank and the bank aggregator. Occasionally, there might be issues, similar to those encountered with Decision Logic or Plaid, but our focus is on providing real bank statements.

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